Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I see the sight and traces on my OSD?
It’s a FEATURE! It is explained in detail in the section 1.1.1 of the user manual under the voice “TRIG”. Basically if your TRIGGER channel is more or less in the CENTER of the standard PWM range, the sight and traces are disabled. Check the actual travel range of the shooting (trigger) channel and set it up in order to get: – 1.0mS (minimum standard PWM) when NOT shooting – 2.0mS (max standard PWM) when shooting

What is the Range of the IR LEDs?

The tested range is about 40m (130ft) in direct daylight and over 75m (250ft) in evening/night time.
The guns have inbuilt the possibility to select between two different power levels maximum/reduced for better performances in darker conditions.


How many players can play together?

There is not a real limit for normal fight, when login into the game modes the limit is set to 20 players/accessories.

What is the reception angle for the IR-Sensor?

Each sensor, according to datasheet, best perform within 60°, our tests returned that a standard pcb sensor has a good coverage 360° (half sphere).

What is the Size of the board(s)?

FPV-Combat standard version is 36x36mm (with holes at 30.5×30.5mm according to full size FC’s standard).
FPV-Combat micro version is 14.7x20mm (no holes).

What’s the angle of the IR beam of the gun? How much do I need to aim?

The original led used has a maximum aperture of 6°, that0value is pretty narrow and the user has to aim the enemy and be accurate when shooting.
Alternative led are available in the market with wider or narrower beam and user can build their preferred gun model.

How does the Shooting Channel has to be set up?

You can simply assign a two position switch to the trigger channel, for example the values for OpenTX Transmitter could be -100/+100.
If you are using head-tracker, you can disable the sight and gun’s traces by setting the trigger channel 1.50mS ( or 0 for OpenTX radios).

What is a good place for the IR gun & sensor ?

The IR GUN(s) should be aligned with the the center of the camera and if placed in the field of view you’ll see also the blinking led when shooting

The SENSOR(s) can be placed anywhere but they have to be visible. For better performance avoid installation close to the prop or to surfaces that can project shades.

Can I connect multiple GUNS and SENSORS to the system?

YES, the system has inbuilt two ports for driving directly two GUNS (up to 4 are supported).
Same for the sensors, you can connect as many sensor you want by using standard Y servo extension cables or the connections available on the sensor’s board.

Which input voltage range is supported?

The input voltage for standard version is 7-40V (2-9S Li-Po including High voltage battery). When using battery >4S it is recommended to install a good quality low ESR capacitor at the input of the board.

The micro version needs 4.6-5.5V (filtered for best noise free performances)

What happens if 2 Players have the same NAME and TEAM ?

When using the system in normal combat there are no problems at all.
During the advanced game modes (Fox hunt, Battle and Catch the flag) there could be some problems if two players have same ID (team and number), about the nickname there are no problem at all.
There are a total of 6 teams (A-F) and 15 players for each team for a total of 90 different IDs.

What happens when the HC-12-433mhz connection is lost (because models are further away)?

If connection is bad or lost feedbacks will partially or not work. During the games there could happens some errors in score keeping.
The range of the suggested modules is up to 2km (1.2miles), it can vary by many factors like originality of the module and default settings.

Which is the range of the suggested RF modules (HC-12) ?

The range of the suggested modules is up to 2km (1.2miles), it can vary by many factors like originality of the module (several clones can be found in the market)  and default  power settings.
In any case the range should be higher than IR shooting range.

Is it possible to upgrade the firmware of the boards?

YES, instructions will follow.