13-17 July 2022 at Modelcity, CZ


The time has finally come!
In 2022 we’ll gather “FPV Combat” pilots from all over the world!

Take part in the craziest model aviation event you’ve ever seen, join the first official “FPV Combat Camp” meeting!
We chose the beautiful “Modelcity” location in Czech Republic so we can spend 5 full days directly on the field and have the craziest battles ever for ALL DAY LONG!


After the official launch of “FPV Combat” in spring 2021, a lot of people started using and enjoying the system on their models… planes, drones, cars, tanks and more!
Now we want to get to know all of you in person and enjoy our models and the system the way they’re meant to be: TOGETHER!
So we (the developer, sponsor and testers) formed a plan for the FPV Combat Camp.

Every person with a model -both flying and ground vehicles- equipped with “FPV Combat” is welcome!
To keep fights fair, planes will be classified based on their weight. If you don’t have the system yet, you will be able to buy it directly on site and get assistance for its installation.

Installation and repairs aside, we’re looking forward to spending the entire time directly on the flying field. Let the fighting and the fun begin!


MODELCITY” is a well-known structure in the community of the aviation modelers. Among others. It hosted important event such as EXFC (Extreme Flight Championship), World master Aircombat and European master Aircombat…
The structure is capable to accomodate up to 40 pilots. You will have the possibility to either enjoy a comfortable bungalow with up to 4 beds or sleep in your own tent or camper right on the structure. If you wish to share a bungalow with friends, please make sure to let us know about that in your booking.
Every day, optional catering is provided by the local restaurant. You can enjoy great breakfasts, lunches or dinners at reasonable prices. In order to make planning easier for the team, please let us know in your booking how many meals you’re (approximately) expecting to eat in the restaurant.
Hangar and terrace will be perfect places where to store models or work on them.
What if you are tired of flying and want to take a break? Take a bath in the swimming pool and refresh yourself during the hot days in summer!

NOTE: The following costs are related to the permanence in “Modelcity”, NONE of these costs will be managed by “FPV Combat crew”.
These costs will be directly paid to Modelcity, more details will follow, stay tuned.


  • Pilot daily access at “Modelcity”                          18€

  • Visitor                                                              10€

  • Bungalow (per night)                                         18€

  • Caravan (per night)                                          10€

  • Camping Tent (per night)                                   6€

  • Electricity (only caravans)                                  3€

  • Meal                                                                9€

  • External pilot daily access
    (for pilots who don’t sleep at “Modelcity”)          20€

FPV Combat Camp 2024

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Ticket to the FPV Combat Camp.

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Ticket to the FPV Combat Camp 2024, 12-14 July , Germany.
All the details are available here.
Don’t forget to check the official regulations

NOT refundable

– the participation quote for the event
– the welcome (surprise) set that will be personally consigned at the event by the hosts


  • the confirmation email is the valid ticket/reservation

  • each pilot must have a valid insurance for EU/Germany (possible activation onsite with DMFV)

  • Every pilot must have a valid e-ID (example)

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